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19/11/2013 · Ask anyone at any depot, they only know of octane levels at 95 being sold to retailers, whatever they ad are additives, i.e. an octane booster, we certainly do NOT fill any tank, be in BP/Sheel or whoever else with 93/95 and now 98. Shell Premium 98 unleaded petrol has a minimum Research Octane Number of 98. This high octane enables optimum engine efficiency and makes Shell Premium 98 unleaded petrol the preferred fuel for use in modern high compression and knock-sensored vehicles. The volatility of Shell Premium 98 unleaded petrol is varied throughout the. Shell's FMT helps the engine turn more freely, meaning less wasted energy. And while ordinary unleaded fuels have a research octane number of 95 RON, V-Power Nitro is rated at 99 RON – meaning your engine can extract more power from every drop. 02/09/2017 · If you are trying to hunt down the best high octane try and get the calorific values for all the fuels, the one with the highest calorific value generally gives the best hp. I personally use Shell V-power, I find engines generate great power, excellent throttle response and the detergent package is really good. 16/10/2011 · Hey guys, I have always been wondering which is the best 98 octane fuel out of these two. My car '00 Mazda Protege is RON 91 rated, and I am still filling it up with BP Unleaded 91, but I will stop filling it up with this fuel as I have read numerous times and in the fine print that it contains ethanol.

In this article, we compare 95 and 98 grade petrol to find out if you're wasting money on premium petrol. Most drivers believe that 98 petrol is more expensive than 95 petrol because it's higher quality and better for your car. 98 petrol does cost significantly more: for a typical car, filling with 98 petrol can be about $18 more than using 95. It has an octane rating between 98 and 100 and does not contain ethanol. It is suitable for all cars but pre 1986 vehicles designed for leaded fuel may need to add an additive to prevent valve seat recession if they do not have hardened valve seats. Fuel, octane & power. L’essence super Shell V-Power md NiTRO aide votre moteur à rouler comme neuf grâce à ce suit: Quatre niveaux de protection contre l’encrassement, l’usure, la corrosion et le frottement; Indice d’octane le plus élevé de tous les carburants Shell indice de 91.

Finland: 95 and 98 RON, advertised as such, at almost all gas stations. Most cars run on 95, but 98 is available for vehicles that need higher octane fuel, or older models containing parts easily damaged by high ethanol content. Shell offers V-Power, advertised as "over 99 octane", instead of 98. Shell V-Power Benzine heeft een hoog octaangetal, RON 98. Dit zorgt voor een betere ontstekingskwaliteit en helpt de brandstof op het juiste moment gelijkmatig te ontbranden. Dit helpt om meer energie uit elke druppel brandstof te halen. 17/09/2014 · Are higher octane fuels better? Do higher octane fuels make more power? This video will include a test conducted by Shell to show the performance benefits of a higher octane fuel, if the car is capable of altering ignition timing. Shell has hosted me at its labs in Houston and at pre-launch events for Shell V-Power NiTRO Premium.

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